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Because of sky-high fuel prices, we’re all likely to have tough choices this Christmas. Maybe you’ll have to skip that 500-mile round trip to grandma’s. Maybe the outdoor light display can’t be as big. Or, maybe, you just can’t afford to put as many gifts under the Christmas tree for your kids.

But, what if the price for one gallon of gas becomes $39.99? Can you imagine how much milk and eggs will go for when the truck they come in buys fuel for $40 a gallon?

That’s exactly what’s happening in Haiti this year. A gallon of gas has been higher than $40 a gallon. I’m not talking about the gas stations either, because those all ran out months ago. I’m talking about buying gas in a used vegetable oil jug from a guy, who definitely mixed water into it, for $40!

Imagine what extreme fuel scarcity does to prices of EVERYTHING else we buy. High fuel costs make life hard in every way.

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