Barnabas Internships

In Acts and Paul’s other letters, we read frequently of a man named Barnabas, whose name meant “Son of Encouragement.” He was Paul’s partner in ministry for many of his missionary journeys and although they later parted ways, God greatly used Barnabas in the development of the New Testament Church.

For Northwest Haiti Christian Mission, Barnabas Interns are short-term missionaries. Some are considering missions as a career and want to gain real-world experience. Others simply want to dedicate a period of their lives to service in overseas missions. They usually come with specific professional or ministry skills and a specific vision and plan. They need a strong work ethic and should be a self-starter, comfortable working independently, while still being part of a team. They also need to know how their vision fits within the framework of the ministry of Northwest Haiti Christian Mission.

All Applicants must have made at least one short term trip with NWCHM before applying.

  • These positions may last from one month to a year.
  • Individuals must express a specific vision and plan for their internship.
  • Individuals must demonstrate maturity, a strong work ethic and the ability to work independently.
  • Areas of need (Professionals or students in these areas):
    Nurse / PA, NP, doctor, midwife, other medical professionals
    Teacher: ESL/TESOL, elementary (to work with missionary children)
    Sustainable / local food and nutrition consultant
    Electrical / Mechanical engineer
    Social worker, case manager, or child advocate
    We also welcome applicants with other skills and ministry visions.
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Additional Info
  • Follower of Jesus Christ at least 18 years of age; actively seeking to serve Him.
  • Previous cross-cultural ministry experience; experience with NWHCM is preferred.
  • Demonstrated spiritual and social maturity.
  • Current passport.
  • Married applicants must apply individually, however both must be accepted and serve in the same time period.
  • 1) Submit General Application.
  • 2) Submit Barnabas Essay to detailing what you wish to do during your internship and why.
  • 3) Submit References. You will need three references: minister / mentor, professor / employer, and peer.
  • 4) Send an email with your name and a photo of yourself to:
  • 5) Complete a phone interview. We will contact you to schedule this after we’ve received your application.
  • 6) We will contact you about your application after it has been reviewed.
  • 7) Submit Acceptance Packet and Internship Deposit ($800).
  • 8) NWHCM Travel Coordinator, Jody Castillo, will contact you about booking your ticket.
  • 9) Fundraise and submit final payment.
  • $650 per month – Ministry Internship ($250 administrative costs, $400 field ministry costs)
  • $0 per month – Room, Board & Basic Medical: We provide dormitory housing, three meals a day, and basic medical care in our clinic, free of charge to our interns. Housing options depend on availability, but are generally provided in our men’s or women’s dormitory.
  • $300 - Travel within Haiti (fixed cost per trip into Haiti)
  • $500 - $700 - Flight to Port au Prince, Haiti *estimated
  • For internships longer than four months, you have the option to budget for a second trip, whether to visit home or a supporting church.
  • One Month Internship: approximately $1,650
  • Six Month Internship: approximately $4,900
  • Travel
    For logistical reasons, all flights and travel are booked by an NWHCM travel agent.
  • Health Insurance
    All interns are required to carry some form of health insurance and provide proof of coverage.
  • Travel Insurance
    Travel Insurance is included in your internship costs. This covers the cost of emergency evacuation and some property loss.
  • Excess Funds
    Excess funds that are raised will be held in a support account for 12 months in the event the intern chooses to take another mission trip during that time. At the end of one year any remaining money will be redirected to the ministries of Northwest Haiti Christian Mission and the support account will be closed.
  • Personal Expenses
    Most interns choose to bring $50 to $100 per month for entertainment, personal food, clothing, personal travel and other miscellaneous expenses. Those with financial obligations at home generally select a family member to maintain these responsibilities for them in their absence.