Help sponsor our village elders.

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At NWHCM, we’re honored to care for an often overlooked demographic in the country: senior citizens. Through our Gran Moun house, we’re able to provide quality medical care, nutritious meals, and perhaps most importantly, a value-restoring sense of community among other men and women who are loved well by our staff and supporters.

It takes a total of $350 a month to meet much more than basic needs, but any amount you can give monthly will help to provide holistic, around-the-clock care in a healthy environment, surrounded by loving friends and staff members. Please feel free to recruit friends and family to join you!

The "Sponsor" links below will direct you to Paypal to complete your monthly donation.  If you would prefer to use another payment method to give, please contact us at (317) 228-8770 or email .

Rosemary Saint-Phard
$275 Per Month Needed

Leons Canerot
$260 Per Month Needed

Raphael Edner
$250 Per Month Needed

Elius Jean Louis
$240 Per Month Needed

Mercidieu Albert
$220 Per Month Needed

Tifre Elius
$195 Per Month Needed

Michelle Arilus
$150 Per Month Needed