About the Mission


Our mission at Northwest Haiti Christian Mission is to passionately pursue Christ, as His followers, by aiding the people of Haiti in their passionate pursuit of Christ and facilitating others to engage with NWHCM in our efforts. We are dependent on people like you to help make it happen!


Through the instrument of the church, we serve thousands of people across Northwest Haiti regardless of their age, gender, or religion. We do so through a unique and diverse collection of programs that include primary and secondary schools, nutrition programs, orphanages, medical clinics, and indigenous church empowerment. We are the largest employer in the northwest zone and one of the largest ministries in Haiti. Since the mid 1970s, Northwest Haiti Christian Mission has been built around partnerships with churches and individuals who are interested in ministry in Haiti. Consequently, every year hundreds of volunteers travel to northwest Haiti on short-term trips to participate with us in our ministry efforts.


We are driven by our faith in Jesus Christ to serve the poor and oppressed in the Western Hemisphere’s poorest nation because we love them and we know God loves them too. We believe in Christ’s promise to bring life in its fullest for all people, and we believe in His command to serve our impoverished neighbors.

In every community we serve, we hope that our work becomes a tool for healing and strengthening people’s relationships with God. Whether we are sharing the gospel, meeting people’s basic human needs, or improving their living conditions, we aim to always be encouraging individuals in their faith journey and pointing them toward a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.